Veterans Categories

  • 40+ years old  –  (bevor the date of championship)

  • only individual men and women


Kata Men and Women:
Preliminary: flag system (to best 8) H2, H3, H4, H5, T1
Semi-finals: point system (best8 to best 4)
Sentei Kata: BD, KD, Jion, Empi, Hangetsu, Jitte, Gankaku
Finals: (best 4) Tokui Kata: (25 JKA Kata – different from semi-final)


Kumite Men and Women:
Preliminary: Jiyu Kumite (to best 4)
Protection: handgloves and mouthpiece
Shobu Ippon, 2 minutes, Sai-Shiai  2 minutes, sai-sai-shiai  –  Sakidori-shobu
Finals: Jiyu Kumite (best 4)


Men´s veterans kumite in the finals, 5 minutes and no sakidori-shobu.
Same as men´s kumite.